Our Services


CEILING – We look for the best solution for your CEILING. We make all efforts to give a futuristic touch. Our professionals perform the CEILING work with alerting senses. Not only do we ensure the beauty of the CEILING we also ensure safety. The appropriate thickness and risk both are measured. In-CEILING services we go for

1. POP – The POP CEILING has got the versatility that is admired by many. The POP CEILING is considered for commercial and residential, hence lots of demand is made for it. The electric wire is put inside the POP which decreases the risk of fire.

2. Design – Designer CEILING guarantees your house to give lubricious essences. Designer CEILINGS are not only limited to drawing-room, they are taken in by bedrooms, washrooms, and meeting halls. Designer CEILINGS have always been the first choice.


Painting – We begin by painting the walls of your house. Adopt the perfect shade of color with us that will fit your house and to you. Painting the house is one of our great services. We go for both the interior and exterior of the house. Not only will we give moisturized painting inside of the house, but we will also equally take care of the outer protecting wall of your house. Give perfect definition to the accommodated area from inside as well as outside. Visualize the painted look of the house and leave it on us to represent on walls. We have collaborated with a branded painting company, therefore, we come with a variety of choices.

A. Interior Painting – Painter Spray Guns, rollers, lasers, and other advanced techniques and technology to give a charming view of your interior wall. Just the use of paint changes the outlook of the room or house. Allow your home wall to absorb confidence in absorbing the deep color and distinct texture. Experience the wall without any future cracks, dampness, and peeling off walls. With our specialists, get a designer, trendy, and fashionable look on the walls. Moreover, we bind the warranty of our work and deploy the material.

B. Exterior painting – Throw a standard colored look to the outside wall of your house. Painting the exterior of your house not only will make it look beautiful but will also make it strong to stand against dust and rain. The exterior painting covers a layer that protects the inside wall from damages. Choose quality over price and know the right climate to paint the exposed walls. Advance the wall with two coats and get prolonged results. Pick your brand and color and prioritize your outside look of the house by getting painted well.

C. Rental Painting – After the tenants are moved out of the room, it becomes necessary to fix the paint on the walls. We provide economical service of rental painting. Removing the minor crack on the wall to a long-lasting coating. As a tenant, if you want your wall to be painted, first get permission from the landlords. We carefully paint the place, avoiding the mistake which can burden you, like spilling paint on the thing which you don’t own. Here, comes the two-point of view for rental painting. One from a landlord and another from Tenant. If you are a landlord you can customize the paint of your own choice and if you are a tenant, you can wisely select the painting budget with us.

D. Texture Painting – The slightly irregular and sandy-gritty look, providing personality to the wall. Texture painting is a trend and has become classic, and we follow both trend and classic, with creative and unique ideas we give life to your wall. Texture paints are a long-term investment for the walls. The purpose of Texture paint on the wall is to portray a sensory feeling. Customers look for a Combo of texture paint as it is everyone’s favorite. It requires extra effort to decorate the wall through texture painting. Hence, we do texture painting with expertise and skilled workers


Flooring – When it comes to flooring it becomes hard to pick the right one. When it comes to flooring we render quick, neat, and durable service. Proficient in flooring survey space and as per the size of area or space they move ahead with the best options. In Flooring we prioritize

1. Granite – Granite flooring is the most preferable and recommended flooring as it is considered long-lasting and classic at the same time. It gives the shiny shrine to your house.
2. Ceramic – The best part of ceramic flooring is it doesn’t hold dust and dirt. They are easy to clean. They are the most affordable flooring and therefore it is a favorite for home as well as office.

3. Marble – Marble flooring never breaks down from the market. Customers espouse marble for its durability, hardness, effortless cleaning, and for the deem effects in house.

Also on the special demand of our customer we also install the electric appliance in the house, the brand and product will be chosen by our clients and we will fix them in the house at the right place.


Electric Wiring Services – When it comes to wiring the first thing that comes to our mind is your safety. Your safety is your priority therefore we wire your house with quality branded and tested wires. Along with basic and normal wring we feed tube lights, fan, bulbs, switches, socket for geyser and Air condition. As per the size of your house, we Support residential wiring as well as Cooperate wiring. Different areas need different gauge sizes of wire and amp circuits. We provide a warranty for our wiring services, the expertise carefully installs the wire keeping your safety in your mind.

Also on the special demand of our customer we also install the electric appliance in the house, the brand and product will be chosen by our clients and we will fix them in the house at the right place.


Sanitary – Turn your simple-looking bathroom in an esthetic tone. We furnish beautiful, hygiene and enlighten your washroom area. Fitting branded and perfect pipes, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. The pick of the brands in sanitary is done by the customer itself. We showcase basic plumbing services from top to bottom. Along with that, we keep a warranty on our work. Our team is rich in expertise and specialist, hence we keep our work A grade. The accessories we install cost no extra charge. We procure every material from our side.

● Covering the wall with tiles

● Installation of wash Basin

● Installing countertop

● Positioning Shower and faucets

● Insert western style or Indian style seat

● Fixing Drainage pipe

● Plumbing services in Kitchen


Carpentry – We prepare quirk and eccentric from wood. We built windows and doors connecting the inside and outside attire. The latest trend for wardrobes and cupboards for your bedroom is structured and designed for giving the best impressive look to rooms. These are the basic service we provide in carpentry. Since the carpentry work demands high perfection therefore all the work is done with the guidance of experts. Nevertheless, you need to settle with cheap labor work. We create virtual ideas to make you understand our style and design. Along with that on the special request of the customer, we can also build kitchen racks and all. The interior carpentry is our workload. And we provide a warranty for our job. The required material is bear by us, no extra charge for the services we are providing.

1. Hinged door – They are the basic and traditional kind of door, we suggest hinged door for interior purpose or for the wardrobe doors.

2. Bifoldfold doors – They are trendy among the youth. Therefore we understand the demand for bifold doors. Our team makes sure to provide beautiful open access from one area to another.

3. Sliding door – The sliding door is a very conventional door and we prop this door between your room and balcony. These structured doors increase the charming look of your house.

And many more In wardrobe and cupboards we do the same

1. Sliding door Wardrobes – With the changing time, the sliding door wardrobes become a latest trend. Our team work on utilising the area properly. We had large variety of material for creating your sliding door wardrobes.

2. L Shaped Wardrobe – We pick this desigin for wardrobe for small rooms. L shaped Wardrobes are customised in the corner of rooming preventing from wastage.

In cupboards we can provide

1. Walk in Cupboards – We give luxury design to your walk in cupboards. Our team creates shelves and hanging space so that you can display your everything in one place.

2. Customized Cupboards – Customized cupboards are total show off, therefore we decore cupboards in exact required space. Like this you can beautifully personalized your cupboard.